Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tools for the Journey #1 - We begin

Everyone knows when you are preparing to climb a mountain you need to be sure to bring along good tools for the journey. My friend, Erik Weihenmayer has climbed all Seven Summits - these are each of the highest peaks on each of the seven continents. There are fewer than 100 mountaineers in the world who have ever accomplished this goal. Erik is a master at packing tools for the journey. Oh, and by the way, Erik is blind.

Erik is a role model for me about not letting things stand in the way of my goals and my dreams. Erik lost his eyesight when he was thirteen years old but he never lost his vision of what he wants for his life...and he believes in the power of turning adversity to his advantage.

Erik asked: "How can you use your everyday adversities to make the undo-able do-able, to pioneer new possibilities so you can continue to grow and flourish? The first step is to select an adversity-rich, worthy challenge. It should stretch you in new ways and represent new possibilities, if achieved. It should be something which involves some kind of risk or resistance, and just the idea of completing it should make you tingle with excitement. The second step is to create a plan and then engineer the systems which will be the key to helping you reach your goal. The third step is to "Practice to Perfect" so you can make those systems work when they count the most." (From Erik's book: The Adversity Advantage

I began this blog as an exhale from me to the Universe (=you). Along the path I will share - with whomever is interested - some of the Tools for the Journey I am finding most useful. No one climbs a tall mountain alone; it takes a team. Together we can reach the summit (whatever that summit might be for you), and it is my privilege to be making this climb with any fellow traveler who cares to land here awhile, anyone who wants to break their journey for a short spell and hang here with me and ponder some of the "tools" we are collectively gathering as we travel.

When I am ahead of you I will reach back and give you a hand up. When you are in the lead please do the same, and together failure is not possible. And remember that if the mountains were smooth we could not climb them at all!

"When I look with my eyes I see what is there. When I look with my heart I see what is possible." - Cheryl C.

Here's to the journey!

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