Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tools for the Journey #11 - Plow Down The Corn...

Many of us (perhaps even most of us) remember the film: Field of Dreams.
The key event in the film which begins the entire story is when the main
character plows down half of his corn field to make room to build a baseball
field for ghost baseball heroes of days past to come and play. Needless to say
everyone thought this guy was crazy!

"If you build it they will come."

The plowing down of his corn field is a beautiful metaphor; one which I love
and think of often when I need to push through to the other side of a problem.

If I build it they will come but first I must "plow down the corn!"

I must look and see what is "in the way" of my progress, what is in the way of
my dream bearing fruit? I must identify this "corn" and I must be willing to take
the risks and have the courage to "plow it down" so room is made for what is
becoming, what is unfolding, what is before me waiting to arrive. All the while
aware of how many will believe I am crazy or at least making a mistake. This
is where trusting myself, trusting my gut and my instincts is key because there will be plenty of people standing by to tell me: "you're nuts".

Plow down the corn -

This is a powerful tool for my journey.
When I am stuck, when I find myself residing in fear or doubt or trepidation...
I pick myself up, dust myself off and begin to examine which corn to "plow down" so there is room
for new possibilities, new information, new insights, new perspective, new viewing points,
new adventures, new people, new ground upon which to stand for both myself
and all that is headed towards me.

If you are willing to use this tool - even at the risk of appearing "crazy" like the farmer in the film; if you are willing to identify and plow down what is in the way of your forward
progress...what you will witness is miracles all around you, coming
at you from all directions, once the way is clear for them to arrive.
Things you could never have imagined would come your way will manifest
before your eyes once the "corn" is removed and the space is there
for these gifts to "land" in your "corn field".

A "farmer" such as this is a person who is engaged to life. Inhabiting this frame of mind - one eventually becomes a resident of a place within which little will remain unrevealed as long as there is willingness to keep eyes, heart and mind wide open. These revelations will help to distinguish which "corn" to cut down and which to keep for the harvest.




"Not being known does not stop the truth from being true!" - Richard Bach

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